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November 30, 2007


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Eddie Griffin

Good piece! And some good points well made.

I think the problem lies with the word 'vegetarian' which sounds vaguely scientific and focus-groupish.

To be honest I think the problem lies as much with the Maitre'D and the restaurant owners as much as the chefs. If there was just a little flexibility in the menu, that would be enough. And at least have enough dialog with the kitchen to allow for the odd freak like me who might not want shrimp all over his salad.

The fact is that in your average restaurant the V word is not welcome or planned for. The routine of a set menu it seems should never be broken and unless the establishment has a friendly attitude and a helpful sensibility then those of us who'd rather avoid eating animal every night can have a happy night out. Too often he very word inspires an involuntary rolling of the eyes. I actually had the response "There's always one..." when I raised the V question...Nice!

The thing is, I actually LIKE simple vegetables, expertly cooked. I'm not against meat eating in the least - certainly not like a non-smoker is to a smoker. I just want the opportunity to taste simple food done well, and vegetables that are not thrown away as sides but form part of a balanced meal.

I say that 'I'm on a special diet at the moment' and this provokes a look of understanding rather than disgust :-)

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