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February 02, 2011


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Macey Prange

Some phone applications might not be that useful in our daily activities, but to those who are much dependent on their phone, and internet use, use it most often; say for example a traveler or a tourist that searches maps through their phone. And we may find that some of these apps are not useful now, but in time (or there will be time) that we will find them very useful on certain events.

Duke Williams

I have heard this argument before and while I agree that phone apps cost too much in most cases, I think that we are in the early stages of mobile usage. In the early stages of Internet usage, curated web portals like AOL and Yahoo played the same role as curated apps like Yelp and Foursquare do today. Technology always starts this way. But does any business think a listing in Yahoo is enough that they do not need their own website?

I work for a company - www.sehmobile.com - that builds very inexpensive apps for small, local businesses and I know that most of these apps are making money for their owners. It is all in how you use the tool.

Mulberry Alexa

For this statement, Jochen Zeitz argued that a considerable part of the product had being through wind and rain to counter the trend of fail for decades

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